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Services & Costs


  • Drafting the Articles of Association (necessary for the company incorporation in HONG KONG );The Articles of Association of the HONG KONG company can be signed through Power of Attorney.
  • Drafting all other documents required for the incorporation of the HONG KONG company; these documents include: Specimen Signatures, Special Forms provided by the Company Registration Office in HONG KONG, passport copies etc.
  • Offering a Registered Office in HONG KONG for your company, which is mandatory to have for starting a business in this offshore jurisdiction? (The registered office may be any address where the HONG KONG Company declares to have its headquarters)
  • Setting up a bank account for your HONG KONG company


Cost is not absolute criteria in choosing offshore jurisdiction and the type of offshore company. However, it is still important, that is why it would be useful to reveal the common structure of offshore fees and costs. There are offshore service providers promising offshore companies for $100 with anonymous accounts and other outstanding benefits. It would be useful to ask from them a complete explanation of all fees and charges involved. COMPETENCE and not low prices are the key concept in the offshore business.

Custom Configuration - from $1000

You can custom-configure your HONG KONG Business Company in any way you need!Please use our Order Form to request a precise quotation from us. Completing the Order Form does not bind you to make a purchase. We offer a flexiblediscount system, depending on the scope of services ordered. Go to the Order Form here!

Basic Incorporation Package - $1250

A simple setup with an acceptable minimum of services. Main advantages: low cost and direct operation. Main disadvantage: you will be seen running the offshore company from your own home. (Hint: Your domestic government may not like it). This package is designed for those lucky individuals, who live and work in a country where they can afford to be seen as directly owning and managing their own offshore company. This setup presumes a direct, hands-on operation of the IBC by the company owner. The annual administration fees for this package, starting from the second year: $650. This includes the $350 HONG KONG government fee and the mandatory registered agent service

Premium Incorporation Package - $2490

A comprehensive bullet-proof package. It includes our in-house professional directorship, secretarial and business administration service, plus the shareholding service for enhanced confidentiality. The business administration service includes a HONG KONG street address and fax number for the company, handling of commercial documents and correspondence, and a basic consultation for one year. This package comprehensively deals with the most crucial tax planning question: "by whom and from where is the company actually managed?" In this setup, the company can demonstrate that it operates "at arm's length" from its actual owner - as opposed to being technically operated from the owners' home. This package is designed for the most demanding business engagements - for those clients, who can not afford to cut corners. The annual management fee for this package is $2200, starting from the 2nd year. This includes the $350 government annual license fee, registered agent, licensed director, shareholder and secretary, business administration services and basic consultation for 12 months


Jane Berghuis

Company Formation Consultant

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