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Services & Costs


  • We will incorporate the BVI company for you;
  • We will provide you with a high quality apostilled corporate documents of the BVI company;
  • We can maintain your company for you;
  • We can provide you with any corporate secretarial services;
  • We can assist you with any corporate changes to your company;
  • We can maintain a corporate minute book for your company;
  • We can assist you with the opening of a bank account for your BVI company.


Cost is not an absolute criterion in choosing an offshore jurisdiction and the type of offshore company. However, it is still important, that is why it would be useful to reveal the common structure of offshore fees and costs. There are offshore service providers promising offshore companies for $1000 with bank accounts and other outstanding benefits. It would be useful to ask a complete explanation of all fees and charges involved. Expertise and not low prices are the key concept in the offshore business.


Jane Berghuis

Company Formation Consultant

Phone #: +971 5 02752209