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About Us

Van Dort Consultants, founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), has over 20 years of experience in the international commercial law practice. We incorporate companies in all major onshore and offshore jurisdictions worldwide and provide administration of corporate entities and other corporate services.

As a service company, we emphasize the quality of our work, our responsiveness to our clients and their needs and the maintenance of high professional and ethical standards. Our people also have specialized capabilities and experience in legal, financial and business fields, and they understand the need to provide high quality work that is also innovative and practical.

Forming a company can be a bit complicated due to all the different options, so an important first step is determining the most appropriate type of company and whether to be in a tax-free or low tax onshore or offshore jurisdiction.

To determine the appropriate company structure for you, we need to have an understanding of the company's business and products or services, what it intends to do in the particular jurisdiction, what its objectives and concerns are with respect to its presence, whether it wants or can afford an office, whether it intends to have staff, its home country tax exposure, and other such issues. It is important to invest time in choosing the right structure.

We distinguish ourselves by investing time in helping you choose the right structure. We take the time to either meet the client in person or setup a conference call to discuss in more detail the nature of its proposed business and the way that it does business. Then, we can investigate and make a recommendation on the preferred structure. We guide you through the incorporation process step by step, to ensure a smooth incorporation.