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Did you know that there is a whole range of choices to incorporate or expand your business in a tax-free or low tax environment and save a lot of money in the process? For example, people love to go on holiday to the Caribbean, but have not thought of the possibility of incorporating an offshore company there.

The same goes for shopping destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. These areas are very popular due to existing tax treaties, with either tax-free or low tax environments. Despite the downfall in the economy worldwide, the Middle and Far East still have very strong and growing economies due to the perfect combination of logistics and business opportunities.


Prudent Corporate Services, founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), provides assistance in company formation and corporate structuring services and has over 20 years of experience in the international commercial law practice. We incorporate companies in all major onshore and offshore jurisdictions worldwide and we also provide administration of corporate entities and other corporate services. We specialize in company structures. As a service company we will provide you with the best possible service and guide you through the corporate labyrinth of company structures.

We distinguish ourselves from other service companies by investing time in our clients. We take the time to either meet our clients in person or setup a conference call to discuss in more detail the nature of their proposed business. Depending on the jurisdiction they want to do business, we will make recommendations for the optimal company structure in the preferred jurisdiction. We will guide you through the incorporation process step by step, in order to make the experience of starting up or expanding your business a pleasant one.

The beauty of establishing a company in the UAE is that there is an express fee for just about every service required in the pursuit of company business. This is a legitimate way of fast tracking the needs of those who are willing to pay a little extra for speed of service. In this way many company formations and associated services can be reduced to as little as a week or less, providing the express fee option is taken and the required documents are available.


Prudent Corporate Services specializes in company structures. We can setup a tailor made structure that will fit your needs. If the activity of your company requires us to incorporate a limited liability company, we will provide you with a structure that will protect your interest. If the activity of your company allows us to provide you with a company structure with 100% ownership with limited liability in UAE proper, we will. If your clients are foremost based outside the UAE, we will incorporate a free zone company for you in a free zone that fits you best.

For companies that are already established in the UAE, we can provide corporate secretarial services such as amendments to or preparation of corporate documents, as well as changes to your company structure. We also provide PRO services and services such as renewal of your license, amendments to your license, and assistance with visas.



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